Why do socks disappear? Where do they go? What are they looking for?


Samuel, an old man afraid of losing his memory and Ángela, his curious granddaughter, find out that socks are alive, they fall in love and seek to break free from the seclusion of the drawers and the rigid laws of their society: socks must indisputably go in pairs of the same color. The orange socks, Pierre y Medea, that had been rejected because nobody used them, become the leaders of a revolution when they find out the promised paradise is just on the other side of the washing machine whirlpool.


FDF, writing of feature film, 2012; animation development, 2014. FICCI meetings, 2015. Best project BAM, 2015. When east meet west, Trieste Film Festival, 2016.


State: development. 85 minutes, aprox. Director: Juan Manuel Betancourt. Screenplay: Esteban Giraldo González, Juan Manuel Betancourt. Budget: 2.500.000 USD.