"Sometimes I raise my face to the sky and ask God why he brought me to the most desperate place on earth"


The two human beings Ana González loves the most are his father Joaquín, and his boyfriend, soldier Camilo Alegría. Joaquín will be fatally wounded in a massacre where Alegría has participated. Ana must decide if she goes with his father to look for help, in the middle of a battle field, or obey Joaquín, that asks her not to take the risk. If he is to die, he prefers to die in his home. She, desperate, does not listen to him. In her journey the only one that can help her is Alegría, her boyfriend, who debates himself between the love and guilt he is obliged to her, and the obedience and fear he is obliged to the army. He will die to help her and she won’t have where to bury the two of them.




FDC Feature scriptwriting, 2012. Coproduction meetings, Guadalajara Film Festival, 2016.


State: development. 90 minutes, aprox. Director: Esteban Giraldo González. Screenplay: Juan Manuel Betancourt, Esteban Giraldo González. Budget: 600.000 USD.